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Memo #5 and Final Assessment Instructions
TO: Special U.N. Task Force on Xlandia’s Government
FROM: Reedi Chohari, Office of the U.N. Secretary-General
RE: Recommendations, Final White Paper and Response

I hope your meetings have gone well. Attached is the form for recording your “Preliminary Recommendations.” When you finish that, here is what is needed to complete your work:

Part I: The White Paper - Recommendation of which features to adopt for XLANDIA and why. Be sure to also explain/define the features of democratic government. Explain the conditions that help keep a democracy strong. Include any advice you have about how the leaders of XLANDIA should start to develop these conditions as they move from an authoritarian past to a democratic future.

Part II: ARFX Committee Concerns - Address one concern from each member of the ARFX Committee. Keep in mind that they are relatively inexperienced with democracy, so they will need very basic information and definitions to guide them. It is highly suggested that you embed images and video to help make your response clear and compelling.

I will serve as moderator. A rubric is included for your reference. Good Luck!

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